About HomeTitan

Helping Homeowners & Renters Stay Secure

What is HomeTitan?

HomeTitan is the place to go when you need help fighting for your home or rental unit. We provide the tools (documents, letters, information, forms, and advice) you need as a homeowner or renter to keep yourself and your family safe.

Our Mission

We are building the best tools and services around to offer tenants and owners comprehensive solutions to their home or rental unit troubles. It shouldn’t be hard to find the law that protects you or your home, and it shouldn’t be hard to find professionally made documents that are easy to understand, to use, and that work for your specific location and situation.

Our Approach

After searching for information ourselves and finding so many sub-par websites and solutions, or worse yet, incorrect facts and out-dated information, unstructured resources, and businesses with profit as the number raison de tre. We want to educate first and foremost. Provide all the resources necessary to do it yourself, as well as pre-made products for point, click, and done functionality.

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