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Every tenant in Connecticut has a right to get back their security deposit from the landlord after ending their tenancy in the rental property. Connecticut state laws also require the landlord to pay interest on the retained security deposit unless the tenant is more than 10 days late to pay the monthly rent. The landlord is expected to pay back the security deposit within 30 days from the time the tenant moves out of the rental property. Landlords can however use the security deposit to deduct unpaid rent, damages to the rental unit that are beyond the normal wear and tear or any other charges in violation of the lease agreement such as unpaid utility bills. For instances with damages, unpaid rent or utility bills, the landlord must send an itemized list of costs incurred including all receipts accompanied by the balance.

Unless the tenant has not provided the landlord with their forwarding address, the landlord’s failure to repay the security deposit and the interest accrued within the statutory time limit makes them liable to pay double the security deposit. In case the landlord has failed to pay interest only, they are liable to pay double the owed interest. The settlement can be done in a small claims court, but a written request letter should be your first option. Although it is not required by law, it is almost always a more expedient and way of reclaiming the deposit without the stress and hassle of lengthy court procedures. The HomeTitan “Request For Deposit Return Letter” has been carefully structured to highlight your concerns and the serious legal stance over unpaid security deposit in Connecticut. It’s the go-getter that will prompt the landlord to repay the security deposit or else face the legal consequences. The letter, as with all legal correspondence should  be sent via certified mail.

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