Discrimination Letter: Landlord, Real Estate Agent, Bank, Broker



A simple, interactive PDF. Just enter in your required info, print and done!

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This Discrimination Letter Includes:

A fully functioning interactive letter. The address for your Fair Housing Office is automatically inputted and you just need to enter the person or company responsible, the location, date(s), your contact information, and the reason you feel you were discrimination against. A Fair Housing Claim is not complicated and we step you through it with detailed guidance.

  • Detailed Instructions
  • Tooltips explaining each field
  • Interactive Functionality
  • Adjust & remove text for your situation
  • Instant Download
  • Use anytime, it’s yours

Simple entry and easy to follow instructions. Just make sure you mail it to the address we provide in the letter for your state’s FHO. Once received the office will begin their investigation.

If you’d like to learn more about what to include in this letter and how to write an effective letter to notify your state about improper discrimination practices, we also provide step by step instructions. When looking for a home or rental unit you shouldn’t need to worry your race, color, national origin, religion, family status, ethnicity, or a disability. And the law is firm that such housing discrimination is illegal.

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