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Nevada’s landlord-tenant laws states that the landlord must pay back the tenant’s security deposit, surety, or the balance after legal deductions within 30 days after the tenant moves out of the rental property. Landlords are allowed to only deduct the tenant’s security deposit to cover unpaid rent, damages that are beyond the normal wear and tear and costs associated with breach of lease agreement of which the landlord must provide an itemized list of the deductions. The only security that is nonrefundable is a reasonable amount for cleaning, which should also be listed in the lease agreement. Besides complying with the laws of Nevada, the landlord must also clearly state in the lease agreement, the conditions under which they will refund the security deposit. The landlord can return the security deposit personally at the locations where rent was paid or by mailing it to the tenant’s newly provided address.

If the landlord fails to repay the security deposit or balance after any legal deductions within the statutory time, the tenant can file for claims through a small claims court in the state. It is however best to settle security deposit matters outside the court, which is why you need to write a request letter to the landlord. In most cases, a professionally written letter that clearly states your desires and the legal consequences for defaulting on repayment is all that is needed to get your security deposit back. It is not a legal requirement in Nevada to send a request letter, but a way to expedite the process while also avoiding lengthy court proceedings. This HomeTitan’s Request For Deposit Return Letter is meant to clarify your concerns over unpaid security deposit while also giving a polite warning to the landlord if they fail to repay. Make sure to send the request letter through certified post and retain your own copy for future references.

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