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A Professional Repair Request Letter To The Landlord Asking them To Make The Premise Safe & Fit To Live In

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New Jersey tenants have a right to a property that meets the state’s structural, safety and health standards. It is the duty and responsibility of the landlord to ensure that this happens. On that account, the landlord should ensure that damages that affects the livelihood of the dwellers are tended to as soon as possible. Examples of repairs and maintenance that needs to be done by the landlord include regular monitoring and fixing of electrical, plumbing and sewerage system of the premise. Damages that are as a result of natural causes like floods and storms should also be tended to by the landlord.

The housing code of New Jersey clearly provides that the tenant is liable only when the damages caused on the property are due to their own negligence and are beyond normal wear and tear. Unless you have breached the terms of lease or failed to pay rent in time, the landlord is under legal obligation to fix damages and maintain the premise regularly.

It is your duty as a tenant to inform the landlord of the damages on the property to have them repaired. This HomeTitan’s repair request letter helps you to tactfully detail and list the damages and have them fixed fast. The letter refers  to the New Jersey housing code and clearly highlights the sanitary code to remind the landlord that they don’t stand a chance if they violate the statutory code.

Are tenants allowed to “repair and deduct” in New Jersey?

Implied Warranty of habitability code in New Jersey gives the tenant the right to withhold rent until repairs are made, and the right to “repair and deduct” (hiring a repairer and deducting the costs from the rent). This may however cause friction between you and the landlord, therefore sending this letter is the best option. In most cases, it is all you need to do to get the attention of the landlord and have them make the necessary repairs.

When sending this letter, be sure to make a copy and send it through certified mail to be guaranteed its delivered and get a return receipt.

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