Tenant Assistance Letters

Write Professional Letters to Landlords and Lenders

Get What You Deserve: Dead Simple Letters

Professionally written, clearly hitting the points, and super easy to modify with your specific details. We make getting what you deserve just a stamp away. When the law and/or your lease agreement is on your side, let them know you know. Often all it takes is a well written letter with the facts laid out and your case made clear and persuasive. You’ll be surprised how quickly landlords and lenders suddenly take your complaint seriously.

Why Use HomeTitan’s Letters?

Sure you can write your own. It can be a great satisfaction to know you your words got results. And many will get these results. We simply offer tried and tested letters that speak to the needs and concerns of the landlords and lenders. In short, we feel our letters speak with the authority and facts for fast and positive results.

Learn More about Each Letter & How To Write Most Effectively

We’ll give you the best tips and even detailed instructions on how to write your own letter. After what many renters have been through it’s certainly empowering. And of course our letter is just a click away if you’d like our help. Learn what landlords need to hear and what lenders need to know you know. It’s not as hard as you think. HomeTitan wants you to succeed, so get the facts and get what you deserve.

Write your own, you can do it, or purchase ours for just $9 each. Not bad considering the long-term results and the weeks and months of stress these issues can cause individuals and families.


HomeTitan’s Professionally Written, Battle Tested Letters to Landlords & Lenders

Get Your Landlord To Make Repairs

Let’s be clear. You pay rent, not just for the right to have a space to live, but also for its upkeep and maintenance. If your landlord thinks differently, you need to let him know his responsibility and the law. Speak from a position of knowledge of your rights and get clear advice and instructions from HomeTitan.


Get Your Landlord To Return a Security Deposit

If your landlord is tardy in the return of your security deposit he may have forgotten or, more worrying, he may assume you’re not going to follow-up. If there are no damages then the deposit is yours and with this letter you can spur him to action. We’ll give you the best advice and detailed instructions.


Demand Security Deposit After Lengthy Wait

Your landlord must provide an itemized list of the damages and receipts, usually within 30 days. You have the right to demand your full security deposit be returned with a letter outlining your grievance and clearly stating your rights. Get advice, instructions, and a tested letter to work with.


Letter Detailing Discriminatory Practices by Landlord or Realtor

Federal laws protect renters and lessees from discrimination based on race, color, sex, family status, religion, national origin, or disability. If you’ve been the victim of discriminatory conduct, you can, and should, file a fair housing complaint letter. Use our instructions and inside tips.


Letter Disputing Damages Claimed By Landlord

If your landlord is claiming damages that are simply wear and tear or not your responsibility(according to the lease or law), then you have legal grounds to dispute, and to force an adjustment. Our letter makes the most persuasive and forceful argument to get the claims dismissed and receive a full refund.


Letter to Terminate Your Lease

A simple phone call right? At HomeTitan, we highly recommend a formal letter with the appropriate pieces in order to avoid what could be loss of security deposit, confusion about move out dates, or even false damages claimed. Some states even require such a letter. Take a look at all our information.


Letter To Extend Your Lease

Extending a lease sounds simple enough, but there are a few things you need to take extra precaution for as some leases stipulate different provisions for the extended months/term. Get complete instructions and advice for writing this letter.


Letter To Terminate Lease for Servicemembers

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) protects members of the military and their families when they are required to move due to military orders. This letter makes sure there is no penalty and that deposits are returned. Get advice, instructions and a complete sample letter.


Letter to Bank to Allow You to Stay In Home After Foreclosure Sale

After a foreclosure sale the new owners may attempt to terminate leases. This is illegal under The Protecting Tenants Foreclosure of 2009. Even without a lease you must receive 90 days notice of termination of your tenancy. If you have a term lease then you have the right to continue occupancy until the end of that lease term. This letter reminds your landlord of the law.


The Qualified Written Request Letter to Obtain Your Loan Information

The Qualified Written Request Letter forces your bank or servicer to provide documents or information concerning your loan and make account correction, if necessary, within 60 business days. If you feel that you have had any problem with the servicing of your loan, or that there are any inaccuracies, you have the right to this simple request.